Should we prepare for new ratings records?

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SuccessionThe Succession season 3 premiere is a LONG time coming — a really long time, when you think about when season 2 aired. It’s one of the most-anticipated shows of the fall and at the time of this writing, it feels like few others are generating this sort of buzz.

So is this going to be the year where Succession finally achieves its status of being a mainstream hit? At the moment, we are feeling confident!

Watch our Succession season 3 preview! Below, you can get some of our thoughts leading into some of the new episodes — who could be coming out on top? Watch and SUBSCRIBE to Matt & Jess on YouTube; there are updates coming and you don’t want to miss any all season.

One of the things that is so tricky about gauging success now, though, is how complicated it is to calculate viewership. There’s a good chance that Succession season 3 averages less live viewers on HBO than season 2, but that’s due mostly to the fact that more people are watching in different ways now than a couple of years ago. HBO Max wasn’t even a thing at the time season 2 was on the air! We expect some consolidated ratings to come out in the days that follow the premiere giving us proper numbers and comparisons to years past.

For now, though, here’s our hot take: The show’s going to have an enormous premiere. The couple of years since season 2 will have enabled people to find the show and catch up, similar to when Breaking Bad had an enormous hiatus leading into the start of season 5. There are benefits that come with the breaks!

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What are you the most excited to see when it comes to Succession season 3?

Beyond just this, are you projecting for there to be any ratings records smashed here? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! After you do just that, stick around — we’ll be covering the season thoroughly and we don’t want you to miss any other updates. (Photo: HBO.)

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Prepare Ratings Records

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